This Guy Hates My New Song

  • Sapana Pandey
    Sapana Pandey

    Why is this age restricted

  • CoolDrama Alpha
    CoolDrama Alpha

    @KSI just because you don't like to do one genre, doesn't mean you can switch it up, because you're officially a rapper, that's what you're known for, so either deal with being a rapper still, OR DON'T BE A RAPPER AT ALL, also why couldn't you do like Polo G, you nigga. (black too)

  • CoolDrama Alpha
    CoolDrama Alpha

    old KSI: I like to rap new KSI: I want to do different things when doing different genres, by singing

  • GhostBoyDestroyer


  • The Batman
    The Batman

    Fair criticism is fair. I'm not a big fan of KSIs music, but when John Anthony said Lamborghini is better. Nah that's just cap

  • Micah Williams
    Micah Williams

    Ngl I actually really liked this track 😆

  • creepaze

    Waiting for the Reddit 180p version of the song using that bit where JJ sang.

  • the mod
    the mod

    Ksi opera when?!?!?!!?

  • Blue Lightning
    Blue Lightning

    KSI: “imagine that’s all I did” Polo G: 👁👄👁

  • Introverted Heart
    Introverted Heart

    Why is this video age restricted again? Thank you LV-home.

  • Aleksandar Nikolovski
    Aleksandar Nikolovski

    This video have age restrick LOL

    • ObLiViOuS

      Yeah fr

  • Varghese Thomson
    Varghese Thomson

    we need a remix with Post Malone & Chris Brown!!!

  • Caleb Games
    Caleb Games

    Ngl patience is fire times 10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Typical Paul fanboy.. Hating on my boys beat

  • stupid mf
    stupid mf

    No Life Shaq heartbroken rn 😹😹

  • Max Golebieski
    Max Golebieski

    Yo JJ bring out a reggae

  • Tim Perkins
    Tim Perkins

    My son loves the song lamborgingi

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    Really LV-home, just revisiting this video and it’s fucking age restricted

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      how r u watching it then

  • Su King
    Su King

    Love the way he comes to Dom's defence 😁

  • butter_stick07

    how ru not a fan of polo g?

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside

    why did this video get age restricted

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      idk how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • I DRAW
    I DRAW

    Bro why was this age restricted?...

    • I DRAW
      I DRAW

      Bruh something's with my youtube...

    • I DRAW
      I DRAW

      Bizarre, but it is still age restricted, I can't comment on the video now that I clicked it for the second time but I can reply back because I clicked on your reply on my notifications.

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      idk how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • Bxnz0

    I'm waiting for JJ to do a grindcore or deathcore song

  • Bissmoo

    Ksi is an alternative genre in my opinion. Goes between genres etc. and i love it. Also that anthony HAS to be a troll, literally trashing on EVERYTHING, idk just has a troll vibe

  • ziz

    We gotta get another ksi polo g track

  • Wes Cardin
    Wes Cardin

    The 3k dislikes are jake paulers

  • Uhk_ 69
    Uhk_ 69

    Man really left no life shaq out

  • Target Zeal
    Target Zeal

    Naw this was fire and the switch up was nice

  • Inês Machado
    Inês Machado

    this got an age strike. fuck! i can't watch it Update: I already can 🙌🏻

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • infinity_mouse

    2:21 a true mavrick

  • Robbie Vincent
    Robbie Vincent

    Yo ya boy ksiolajidebt

  • Moises Hidalgo
    Moises Hidalgo

    KSI and The Weeknd would be unbelievable 😮🤯

  • i don't even know
    i don't even know

    This genuinely is one of my favorite songs you've made KSI you do you and keep switching it up on people!!

  • Iconic Flamez
    Iconic Flamez

    lets see how many subscribers i can get from this comment currently 0

  • triloz

    made the man famous

  • Billy Bailey Jr
    Billy Bailey Jr

    The chorus is too repetitive but imo, they could of added more diverse lyrics throughout the song but thats just my opinion.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    Next ksi song is gonna be country

  • K

    But like did he get his hamsters cars🌝

  • Lil way
    Lil way

    This is sick bro ksi for ever

  • Khaile Rae
    Khaile Rae

    I dont get why youd react to a song that you dont know any artists on.... This John kid clearly doesnt watch JJs videos... I love Patience YUNGBLUDs vocals were beautiful ♡

  • TheDestiny

    Ima be honest with you guys but i personally think this song should be on rocket league and fifa.


    Tbh JJ's new song is WAAAYYYY better than lil nas x's new song

  • liv hitchen
    liv hitchen

    me still listening to FWB in 2021 😂

  • Chris Obrien
    Chris Obrien

    Y’all have to be over 18 guys to watch this 🤣🤣🤣 wtf youtube

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • Free TV jl Gbg
    Free TV jl Gbg

    JJ video is cool deji video is dam

    • Free TV jl Gbg
      Free TV jl Gbg

      JJ video is good

  • Luke 18
    Luke 18

    This song is just bad that’s all imma say about that bro

  • RexSir

    wait is he making another album

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz

    This song fire

  • T L
    T L

    Next its Opera for jj new single

  • gabriel k
    gabriel k

    the guy:i don't know who yungblud is me:then search him up it not hard

  • Nexuscatz

    Why is this age restricted

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      idk how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • Nevaeh Wallace
    Nevaeh Wallace

    I preferred this song I think it was one of your best songs he's a shitty Eminem STAN JJ keep up this shit its ELITE💯

  • Anthony Wang
    Anthony Wang

    7:12 That hurts man

  • Ste Ven
    Ste Ven

    I love ksi because he can take a roasting and just laugh it off 🔥

  • Jordan 206
    Jordan 206

    The song is good but polo bro. Less than 25 seconds

  • Kason Liu
    Kason Liu

    The man is laughing the every time he gets insulted

  • ljummingen

    Keep switching it up, I hate artists that just drops the same song over and over again

  • ljummingen

    Disco Inferno is a disco song by The Trammmps

  • Gimba Simba
    Gimba Simba

    I need to change to another account to see this video

    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • Kev Bot
    Kev Bot

    You should’ve reacted to No Life Shaq’s reaction

  • elie gaming
    elie gaming

    u should refrech ur holeeee mind befor saying fwb is trash

  • Kyle Harray
    Kyle Harray

    FWB was a banger


    I am following you from Iraq

  • CheesecakeLasagna

    I genuinely appreciate whenever JJ tries to switch things up. Reminds me of how much he truly enjoys creating and proving people wrong. Can't wait for him to finally sing decent in a full solo track soon. Also, I kinda like how the music video gives a contrasting visuals to the otherwise spacey song. Makes the whole experience more layered than too on the nose.

  • CheesecakeLasagna

    JJ: "I don't ever wanna be in a box" Also JJ: *a literal boxer*

    • Mr. Gupta
      Mr. Gupta

      How do I respond to this lmao

  • Courtland Myers
    Courtland Myers

    I love the song personally! Great song KSI! You’re trying new styles and that’s awesome man, I support it 100% Some people will like your songs and some won’t.

  • Mishingo Jennifer Tshireletso
    Mishingo Jennifer Tshireletso

    Imagine if he ft all the KSI's

  • Zayn McLaughin
    Zayn McLaughin


    • Josh Harvey
      Josh Harvey

      idk how r u typing if it is age restricted

  • Zail Boi
    Zail Boi

    This guy is probably the #1 most ksi hater of all time 😂😂

  • Karolina Kiecka
    Karolina Kiecka

    What you on about I lovveeeee FWB

  • jayesh verma
    jayesh verma

    I don't know what that dude 😕 didn't find good that is a dope music video

  • Rain

    Your whole fake laugh and coughing gag is really getting old...

  • Finley Murphy
    Finley Murphy

    Still nothing compared to King Kong

  • isaiah a
    isaiah a

    that second guy lowkey pissed me off so much, he went in with the wrong set and his logic is stupid 😂 like in my opinion, this song is really good, but it’s still not something i would listen to, good nonetheless. Man thinks only songs that are aggressive and hard and not melodic are good smh. He has shit taste tbh. I wonder what type of music he likes.

  • lottie asher
    lottie asher

    i don’t think people realise that just because they don’t like something doesn’t make it bad-

    • Pres Kay
      Pres Kay

      @lottie asher I respect that. Just for me it isn’t my taste so I say it’s bad. But you right tho. ☝🏽

    • lottie asher
      lottie asher

      @Pres Kay well to you it is but clearly other people think differently for it to have millions of streams and views. personally it’s not my type of thing either but that don’t make it bad🤷‍♀️

    • Pres Kay
      Pres Kay

      It is trash tho

  • KINCAL 30
    KINCAL 30

    Bro FWB is such a vibe

  • jerico deiparine
    jerico deiparine

    Bad song👎

  • Too poo
    Too poo

    That second guys reaction was FUCKING HILARIOUS omg. I liked the song ironically, odd. Lol. But I'm not a rough edgy wannabe G boi so I guess I can listen to positive music. People have their opinions though. Shit had me ROLLING

  • Mustafa El al
    Mustafa El al

    Total waist of the polo g feature

  • Mustafa El al
    Mustafa El al

    This song is trash thoo tbf

  • f u
    f u



    Literally everybody that knows what JJ’s doing: great song JJ John Anthony(boring a*s name): literally the exact opposite

  • your boi
    your boi

    he hit thouse notes

  • CallistaAfifa

    Why is this age restricted

  • Kenzie griffin
    Kenzie griffin

    Good songs 🥰🥰🥰

  • Blackmongoose

    That John Anthony looked and sounded like this song murdered his family, stole all his money and destroyed his life.

  • Brezzy diesel
    Brezzy diesel

    If jj n polo would’ve made a song like polos style it would’ve been a banger

  • 2007fordsaleenmustang

    Doesn’t all of us hate it

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man

    drop some opra shit

  • main guy
    main guy

    Whys this age restricted?

  • NG

    KSI x Lil Nas X country record needs to happen

  • Aravind Varma
    Aravind Varma

    Why cant i understand and wish to proceed?

  • doctor_no_name

    Bruh 7:12

    • jaay


  • João Tiago Martins
    João Tiago Martins

    the 2nd guy clearly has lack of taste

  • destroyerplayer Juice
    destroyerplayer Juice

    Ksi I love your songs there cool 🤛

  • calstar driftz9
    calstar driftz9

    John Anthony is the boss. Been watching him since 2019.

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris

    JJ I loved the song

  • Scum Jovon
    Scum Jovon

    No Nolifeshaq Nolifegang: DAS TUFF BABYYYYYY!

  • Bayron Miran
    Bayron Miran

    I thought it was lit

  • Mr.dinosaur

    Why is this video age restricted

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