Why I Left Twitter
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  • Kenny

    Am I the only one who feels glad because I never even thought of downloading twitter.

  • Ishaq

    The strand of hair sticking out lookes like the nazis salute

  • Nope

    Tik tok aswel... Toxic af

  • Sid

    Big brain move, even before cancel culture was a thing i never made a twitter account cuz I thought it will be stupid and here we are, all I see is doghsit tweets that have toxic responses or just gifs that take up half the page of one post.

  • EndyRayz

    Deleting my twitter account right know fam I just made just that for minecraft mob votes but fuck it

  • Gaara Of The Sand
    Gaara Of The Sand

    Your laugh in 2x is so fun😆😆

  • cheezu.

    good on you man!

  • itz shad
    itz shad

    It’s used to be good but it’s shit now it’s dying

  • Isha Mahmood
    Isha Mahmood

    When JJ said Us and Neeko.....That was a violation I can’t wait till Niko sees this video😭😭😭

  • 637 Tommy
    637 Tommy

    1:58 Do you need sum to talk too? :0

  • Ammaar Butt
    Ammaar Butt

    So much for leaving Twitter

  • jack

    13:05 us and who?

  • ‘


  • Arianna Abreu
    Arianna Abreu

    Back at it with phil laying to your gole bof

  • NicholasHSJD


  • - iHEiU
    - iHEiU

    Mom: why dafaq are you laughing uncontrollably at 3 am Me: 15:10

  • Sunny

    Good choice mate! With all the general, everyday shit talk, it still amazes me when big brother/ twitter decides to"cancel" someone.

  • Sonny Martell
    Sonny Martell

    Bruv I hate to be that guy but it’s real I have never had a Twitter ever fuck that shit

  • HarrisonPayne

    We're at a point where Twitter will cancel shampoo adverts as it offends the bald.

    • Aditya Hegde
      Aditya Hegde

      Or cancel shoe adverts because it offends people who can't walk

  • Nikos Nikos
    Nikos Nikos

    r/ksi: nobody is allowed to bully our fatneek other than us

  • kornelia szymanska
    kornelia szymanska

    when he said neeko lmao

  • Levels Potato
    Levels Potato

    Logan deserved the fight

  • whiteboy pnut
    whiteboy pnut

    I use Twitter only for show info

  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    2:05 lmao

  • Tryxz-

    Its a toxic ass place thats why lol we got the cancel nation.

  • Etoile2004

    well you did say a transphobic slur bro

    • DaAllah W0lf
      DaAllah W0lf

      @Etoile2004 Maybe because he not trans. I went fuckin public south LA and we didn't learn about that, we learn fuckin biology and physics not social gender studies because my school knew that a it would more financially beneficial in the real world.

    • Etoile2004

      @DaAllah W0lf he acting like he’s done nothing wrong and I’ve yet to see an apology

    • Etoile2004

      @DaAllah W0lf he is a 27 year old with a private school education. why wouldn’t he be aware?

    • DaAllah W0lf
      DaAllah W0lf

      You're acting like he know this shit and then crucify him for one mistake. I see why Twitter is just another iteration of Hell.

    • N43U N4Z
      N43U N4Z

      Don’t even think you even have the power to cancel him

  • Sheldon Lobo
    Sheldon Lobo

    Oh yeah yeah

  • djhokaige

    Twitter suck tho.

  • Haris Bilal
    Haris Bilal

    When jj comes to your house, youre the guest

  • Fear Less
    Fear Less

    Jj train with Ben for a bit teach him some things 😭

  • Aydan Damsky
    Aydan Damsky

    When ever JJ says the intro my response is What up knowledge

  • amanxo

    Ok nigga 👍🏾

  • Jesse lingard
    Jesse lingard

    Yo jjs real as man I've binged watched sidemen alot recently! There Dope JJ VIK and Harry carry the team mad..

  • LsQs HD
    LsQs HD

    Drink from the mug or put it fucking down man

  • Y L
    Y L

    Jj fully wanted the smoke with LV-home with that trigger warning

  • Mr. Midlife Crisis
    Mr. Midlife Crisis

    As a failed abortion, I find that comment about coat hangers offensive.

  • Nikita Gloukhovtchenko
    Nikita Gloukhovtchenko

    There is no reason as to why any freedom of speech should be cancelled.

  • 09herobroGaming

    *sigh* JJ why do u know this 15:50

  • Less goo
    Less goo

    The dream group of friends are just those people who get offended at someone for saying something even 00.0001 percent offensive you get cancelled

    • Liam Zayn Niall HarryandLouis
      Liam Zayn Niall HarryandLouis

      not there friend group, it's the stans most of them like those type of jokes

  • Harry Scutt
    Harry Scutt


  • Exponent • 64M views
    Exponent • 64M views

    Twitter lures in users for more interaction time by offending their interests. Common sense is enough to understand this.

  • Mirza Zayan Begg
    Mirza Zayan Begg

    Neo should've won that race just like KSI had to against Deji

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan


    • Ohm Charan
      Ohm Charan

      I am advocating for a Crow Supremacy

  • Louis Campbell
    Louis Campbell


  • Louis Campbell
    Louis Campbell

    BALDSKI 😎👉🏿👁

  • Remil Nadkarni
    Remil Nadkarni


  • haitem


  • Leonessa

    Proud of you for removing yourself from something that was toxic. Twitter is such a weird app lol


    8:35 aw Vikk cup 😂♥️

  • Warren James Cook
    Warren James Cook

    Anyone else notice jj’s using the fake sidemen mug josh bought 3 years ago for a video still?

  • 【c9彡muaz】 _
    【c9彡muaz】 _


  • CRUX 69
    CRUX 69

    Jj is the least person To judge Ben askrens boxing

  • The Sorrow
    The Sorrow

    Twitter = p0rn site

  • Panxae3

    * leaves Twitter * Also JJ : Well yes but actually no

  • Kam Bahra
    Kam Bahra

    120+ hours well spent. Very good.

  • Josh Scully
    Josh Scully

    14:10 lmaooo

  • ES burg
    ES burg

    Well this was a lie

  • SANS the skeleton
    SANS the skeleton

    The guy under me didn't get the news

  • William Hall
    William Hall

    This didn’t age well

  • Waleed Younas
    Waleed Younas

    13:36 that one there was a violation 😂

  • Hound7 Delta
    Hound7 Delta

    The reason twitter is in the bin now, is due to the purge from Tumblr. All the whiney social extremist migrated from there to Twitter

  • Naama A
    Naama A

    Who’s here after Jj came back smh

    • N43U N4Z
      N43U N4Z

      He didn’t even come back he just came back to tweet support Neeko for being Mayor of London and that was it

  • • ʟᴀɪʟᴀ •
    • ʟᴀɪʟᴀ •

    so that was a lie-

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant

    Im your huge fan but I couldnt care less about you leaving Twiter

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Mr. Simpson please report to the main office

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    He didn’t even make KSI as Squidward. He just made black Squidward

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Neo was quite literally coming back

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    IT’S TIME TO GOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Rip that man

  • clvudii._. fidgets
    clvudii._. fidgets

    Things that will get canceled this year : - White teeth ( WHY CANT IT BE BLACK OR......) - Straight teeth ( WHY CANT IT BE BI OR LES OR.....)

  • Rennox Eu
    Rennox Eu


  • priyanshu dhawan
    priyanshu dhawan

    Ksi stands for Gone Back To Twitter

  • priyanshu dhawan
    priyanshu dhawan

    SHUT UP ... naa jokes fr tho

  • Grumpy Cat597
    Grumpy Cat597


  • J M
    J M

    JJ you made a bad mistake going back to twitter

  • joel guano
    joel guano

    KSI stand for Kiss Simon Immediately

  • Munir Oloko
    Munir Oloko

    Comes back a week later. Think you’re slick??

  • Kyriveli

    come to bitclout, we're nice

  • Jura RL
    Jura RL

    Who else when jj was gonna put the trigger warning got an ad just as he clapped

  • Static_Alfa_147

    This guy is helping me through a break up thanks jj for everything 🙏

  • Sri 123
    Sri 123


  • Blaire Sarmen
    Blaire Sarmen


  • Ahmed Alkibaida
    Ahmed Alkibaida

    I left Twitter too and i deleted the app as well because you can barely smile in there it's full of negatively

  • Kayblast

    Everybody:watching Ksi and presentation Me:watching the ps5

  • Jahnu Pandu Satwika
    Jahnu Pandu Satwika

    Yeah JJ, Twittard are sucks!

  • farhan isane
    farhan isane

    Click bait .......ofc what can u expect from the SNAKE

  • Veshaal Kandhasamy
    Veshaal Kandhasamy

    We'll this didn't age well now that he is using Twitter again

  • 9i oow
    9i oow

    Well that was a lie ...

  • james byrnes
    james byrnes

    Everyone should leave twitter, its a cancer on society.

  • Young Yash
    Young Yash

    I like how he says don’t go looking for it and then says the site...

  • Hannah Savage
    Hannah Savage

    13:15 Jj it got a better beard than you it's less clapped 😂

  • Hannah Savage
    Hannah Savage

    1:18 What a mood

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • M C
    M C

    Imagine bringing up question marks without a trigger warning.

  • Amethyst Athena
    Amethyst Athena

    I bet pewdiepie made that 129 hour video

  • Chaos


  • BetaSquadShorts

    18:29 well that was a fking lie


    Longest Reddit video

  • Tapiwa Munyira
    Tapiwa Munyira

    This didn’t age well

  • Xav rav
    Xav rav

    Leaves... Joins back...

  • Sahil Bhat
    Sahil Bhat

    Twitter now: Welcome Back Lord

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