This Reddit Video Is Ridiculous

  • MUSTAFAisBABe Jones
    MUSTAFAisBABe Jones

  • Toumaj Fouladivanda
    Toumaj Fouladivanda

    2:52 does that mean that JJ doesn't even watch his own videos cause their that bad, jk, we love you JJ and it comes from the heart

  • kevin bohman
    kevin bohman

    When i saw Ksi say mural i was so hyped my brain was like *hes the chosen onnnnnnne!*

  • Katarina Ristovska
    Katarina Ristovska

    6:08 funniest shit I ever seen

  • ToxicLeon11 1234
    ToxicLeon11 1234


  • nexG_raghav

    that last post should have gotten the highest award man

  • Izabella braylon
    Izabella braylon

    The fine dressing accidentally end because diamond seasonally order at a painful point. overjoyed, ignorant patio

  • thekidclxyton

    Smacks brothers arse* “Don’t make it weird guys”

  • Axel Blaxe
    Axel Blaxe

    Finally fam

  • Sushanth Rajakumar
    Sushanth Rajakumar

    Na this is facs my sound needs to go up and down

  • Declan Jordan
    Declan Jordan

    mural sounds more like Millwall

  • Declan Jordan
    Declan Jordan

    did anyone else immediately pause to see the comments when jj said push ups instead of sit ups 😂😂😂😂

  • Juan Carlo Imana
    Juan Carlo Imana

    Pronounce it like myural

  • Nikkos

    no wonder why he fat, he called sit-ups "push-ups"

  • Djull

    "Hey what's going on !!???... Why is he doing this !!!??? WHY IS HE DOING THIS THOUGH ???!!!!!" Those reactions are pure gold 🤣 Man sounds like a broken man with ptsd 😂

  • Awaale Yussuf
    Awaale Yussuf

    hw said mural hahahahahahhahah

  • Rohaan Nair
    Rohaan Nair

    0:48 Walrus: does sit ups JJ: “hE Did liKe ThrEe PuSh upS”

  • Harry Cabral
    Harry Cabral


  • FlameTree5

    People calling jj a nerd also jj just learning how to pronounce mural at 28


    He said the word muuuuuuuuuuuraaaaaaaaaal let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Vladimir Vladimirovitsj Putin
    Vladimir Vladimirovitsj Putin

    JJ: "giving someone a 20,000 award for making fun of him" Also JJ: "Not giving the guy who helped him pronounce mural an award"

  • Brian Griffin ASMR
    Brian Griffin ASMR

    JJ: Muroo, muroo, muroo, omg I’m saying it, muroo

  • Christopher Lontorfos
    Christopher Lontorfos

    5:46 is the best thing ever

  • Avaneesh Yilapavanam
    Avaneesh Yilapavanam

    I’m Indian and I agree with that African and Indian parents one lol

  • Decanon


  • Dharshini Prabu
    Dharshini Prabu

    Guys, look at the description. JJ made Patience way before Don't Play. Omfg...

  • Mike B.
    Mike B.


  • Pawit Ninnabodee
    Pawit Ninnabodee

    The crooked mascara clasically rock because hydrogen semiannually bat between a royal instrument. doubtful, peaceful powder

  • Calvin Charlie
    Calvin Charlie

    That's J you made my birthday a better day when i seen your upload. Thanks my G

  • * A e s t h e t i c P o t a t o *
    * A e s t h e t i c P o t a t o *

    Not related to the video but Tobi/ TBJZL is so underrated, no one takes him seriously and in the 'Who knows Tobi better' video, no one took him seriously aside from josh and maybe harry. He seemed to look somewhat depressed by the end of it and if you dont believe go look in the comments of that video ( Tobi is probably the most successful of the sidemen in the fact that he went to university and all, and he Is also the most mature. So, please, if you see this comment, go subscribe to TBJZL, he is a real G, and subscribing wont cost you anything!!!! You dont even have to turn notifications on if you dont want to. How about a goal? Maybe we should try to get Tobi to 1M? Its a big goal but im sure we can do it if YOU are nice enough!! ♥️ 🌺

  • Flackdo

    He for sure finished the year good... he finally said Mural

  • Nicolas Gomez
    Nicolas Gomez

    7:43 what you came here for

  • Ranak Madan
    Ranak Madan

    10:05 i like that hes celebrating after he totally butchered the word the first time.

  • Lt Flamez
    Lt Flamez

  • Katia Imperfect
    Katia Imperfect


  • Hesara Abeygunasekara
    Hesara Abeygunasekara

    10:35 he’s growing up so fast 🥲

  • ayaan

    joe weller u gonna get dropped

  • Lil God
    Lil God

    Who else got hella hype when he said mural right

  • Johannes Van Veijeren
    Johannes Van Veijeren

    In south Africa we get whopped by a BIG piece of animal leather

  • karwan bawashex
    karwan bawashex

    I love you

  • CrimsonAura

    Me:WHWT THE FU.. JJ:MEURAL MUARAL I CAN SAY IT ME:I am just going to like anyway


    JJ at 10:33 correctly saying the word mural killed me LMAO

  • Vizion

    Petition for jj to put mural in the lyrics in one of his songs

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    JJ being hyped about mural made my day tbh ahahahahaaaa

  • Thommelom

    3:42: one like=one prayer for Liverpools shut season 😭

  • Saad Rauf
    Saad Rauf

    Jj gives awards to everyone except the guy who helped him say mural

  • sandra mendoza
    sandra mendoza

    Wow let's ignore the fact he said pushups

  • _Nitish_

    Did anyone realise that he is having bandicam look at his task bar in 8:50 and he roasted pewdipe hahahah. Exposed

  • CatF1sh?

    1:01 man said push ups when the animal did sit ups Just remember guys this guy has Knowledge in his name

  • leon 73
    leon 73

    bless you

  • Psycho Mells
    Psycho Mells

    What jj thinks he’s saying : mural What he’s actual saying : mule

  • Matthew Louw
    Matthew Louw

    Bro im actually convinced my phone volume is controlled by Jj

  • 90%cool20%stupid

    JJ gets exited when he say “Mural” What we here: Moo moo moo moo MOOO

  • Hemsey Unknown
    Hemsey Unknown

    Jj getting hyped he pronounced mural What I heard: muru muru muru

  • Akshay jadhav
    Akshay jadhav

    5:35 true proud to be indian

  • Suhil Sadat
    Suhil Sadat


  • larray's girlie
    larray's girlie

    a nightdream just came to reality I saw someone with a tottenham bagpack- I think I will throw up- 🤮

  • Tanzeel Anjum
    Tanzeel Anjum

    0:30 why he cutting a pineapple like "chomp chomp"

  • Sup -.-
    Sup -.-

    what does mural mean?

  • Risheeth Reddy
    Risheeth Reddy

    now that jj can say it, petition for him to say mural in his next song

  • Anime Repper
    Anime Repper

    When ksi is gonna get hyped 3:43

  • Gopher God
    Gopher God

    Bro you wasted so much fruit

  • jimin'sjam

    Ok but what is that on his head

  • Lil shrimp Cee
    Lil shrimp Cee


  • itzMeJacky

    When JJ tries to learn English for the first time: 10:29

  • Hunter Faderewski
    Hunter Faderewski

    JJ’s ego at the end of the video :It’s over 9000

  • Maksims0 ttv
    Maksims0 ttv

    Now we got to teach him another word

  • Z4 Sl33p3r
    Z4 Sl33p3r

    @5:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • A Reihill
    A Reihill

    Push ups? mans been bulking to long forgets what sit-ups are

  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose

    A month later 3-1 to leaister

    • Dando1201

      Liverpool fans now understand his pain

  • Xpert

    0:56 pushup

  • Chaotic Rhythm
    Chaotic Rhythm

    That animal did not dp pushups

  • Sho Union
    Sho Union

    There goes their children

  • DannyAH99

    Still can’t box

  • Splite _
    Splite _

    Jj popping of saying mural like when mushmouth learns how to say balloon 🤣

  • Melusi Nhlapo
    Melusi Nhlapo

    sweet home alabame

  • Rapter Gaming
    Rapter Gaming

    When he said mural he got so exited

  • TattedBoi

    Walrus: does situps... KSI: "I mean man did like 3 PUSHUPS!" 2020- situps are now pushups - KSI

  • Chronomy

    10:50 when my black friend drops his n word pass

  • Delta

    Man didn’t even give min an award for helping him ✋😭

  • Eli garcia
    Eli garcia

    Imagine Ksi in school wen he learns a word in English

  • Victor Ernest
    Victor Ernest

    "Lacazette doesn't even score with his foot"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Aubameyang did score, But in the wrong net"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dead jj,Dead

  • Olympia Sekreta
    Olympia Sekreta

    10:42 it sounds likw he is saying „muwuw”

  • Hehrh Hfjfj
    Hehrh Hfjfj

    We did it boys

  • Bruce Cheung
    Bruce Cheung

    KSI logic: don’t like it? Delete it.

  • The RollerGoaster
    The RollerGoaster

    my dude be like muwo

  • xxxtentacionfan

    I miss jj for uploading for 1 week

  • Wes, PhD in bullshittery
    Wes, PhD in bullshittery

    They're called situps you fat neek

  • soloplayeronly

    Why didnt the guy get a tapa that is bullshit

  • Razor

    fuck ya he can say it mural

  • Hershey Bar
    Hershey Bar

    I just love coming back to this video bc of how happy JJ gets when he says mural

  • Teezy

    "2017 ksi"

  • YTClips

    If you like the laugh of KSI you have to watch this video made by me if you dont want to watch the video no problem have a great day!

  • Ayo -Raxanツ
    Ayo -Raxanツ

    man got a pink durag lmfao

  • ttvGhostgamer7


  • Sgt. Serious69
    Sgt. Serious69

    The Part I came for 3:25

  • SPARKY _477
    SPARKY _477

    JJ was called a nerd....... Fam those were some strange times


    Wait was he reaped BC he first was a gamer *MIND BLOND*

  • Darklonoz

    The guy who helped JJ said mural need recognition



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