JJ Olatunji
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  • Asmr Haven
    Asmr Haven

    3:33 this vid was longer than all the times I’ve done my homework put together 🤣

  • Mahir Ahnaf Miraz
    Mahir Ahnaf Miraz

    0:25 he said valantimes day wtf ...

  • Dilan Moella
    Dilan Moella

    Lord fatneek the 3th

  • ultra kill
    ultra kill

    Lord fatneek

  • Shurikan

    oh hail lord ksi

  • Aziz Almutairi
    Aziz Almutairi

    Lord Fatneek 😂😂

  • skrbblr

    Ang op naman iyan UwU

  • Rayhan BROS
    Rayhan BROS


  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    Lord KSI more like Lord Fatneek


    who else heard valenTIMEs day. 0:26

  • Brusselz

    remember 0-28 seconds

  • johnj corcoran
    johnj corcoran

    Why would you give this man more of an ego than he already has?

  • Sfiso Maloka
    Sfiso Maloka

    Wagwan my geees Sounds like his on drugs

  • Christian Arroyo
    Christian Arroyo


  • asggfrtyhgt rfdfdfd
    asggfrtyhgt rfdfdfd


  • Shartdz Chartz
    Shartdz Chartz

    your new intro is worse than the 2012 minecraft intros

  • vibez _
    vibez _

    Lord fat neek the 8th

  • s S
    s S

    Damn I didn't know this guy could get cringier

  • Noel

    Why is this dude hyped m8. Its for KSI, what u gotta do with it. Lol

  • Myth0


  • Podtrash Radio
    Podtrash Radio

    Anyone can get this Lord title for like $50... you basically buy 1 sq foot of land in Scotland on someone's property and become a Lord through some technicality. You can't do anything with the land and they don't expect anyone to but they do plant a tree for you.

  • Digital Gamer
    Digital Gamer

    "wagwaan my g's!!" stfu....just stfu.......

  • Slavthefurious

    Bow down to lord ksi

  • igrey108 x
    igrey108 x

    Lord jj/ksi woop woop 1

  • BoyDovan

    We actually saw JJ's girlfriend in sidemen tinder 4

  • الياتيفي Ilyateev
    الياتيفي Ilyateev


  • Romey Bradbury
    Romey Bradbury

    “valentimes day”

  • Jack Page
    Jack Page

    Lord KSI...Lord Fat Neek is better

  • utd fan
    utd fan

    waghuan fatneek


    waaaaaaagwaaaaaaaaaan my geeeeeeeeee

  • Ebzy

    Didnt ask g🤠👍🏻

  • Ebzy


  • GC_ Galaxy97
    GC_ Galaxy97

    Lord fatneek

  • Fahad Farooqi
    Fahad Farooqi

    LORD olatunji is a fatneeek

  • Anthony S. Tuck
    Anthony S. Tuck

    Skittlez strain, here from recccomend

  • Anthony S. Tuck
    Anthony S. Tuck

    Fudge this i was always sub

  • Caio Goncalves
    Caio Goncalves

    Lord JJ

  • Astrx

    The Ego counter I'm so dead

  • Among Us Player UwU
    Among Us Player UwU

    Petition for “hey guys its your boy lord ksiolagdabt” if thats how you spell it 😂

  • luke jonas
    luke jonas

    Lord fat neek

  • Best girl yukinon, Snafu is best
    Best girl yukinon, Snafu is best

    Oh no

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    9:54 be very VERY careful about what you say, KSI...

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    7:23 who else tried to imitate the face??

  • Akash Sridhar
    Akash Sridhar

    Lord Fatneek

  • MattEyyy

    Lord Baldski

  • ᅵᅵ

    16:00 lord fatneek

  • Manny

    Yes lord ksi 🥰🥰



  • PurpleWT

    Purple was here 😜

  • Mikhail


  • Mikhail


  • Kanai Hotep
    Kanai Hotep

    King fatneek

  • AmazingGuyDan

    He is going to run out of gold one day lol

  • Dapper Eagle
    Dapper Eagle

    I still have no idea about the tell me when she comes in there line, I am confusion


    Lord Ksi can you stop making these cringe intros please : D!

  • DragonK

    Wa goi non my geeeeeeeeeeeeeees would have been better. But still terrible

  • CrimsonAura

    I hope he knows it only sounds nice to him

  • Imran Kujo
    Imran Kujo

    Lord KSI

  • D3AD K
    D3AD K

    When his ego when up why did mans looked like cottonmouth in Luke Cage

  • Mr _04
    Mr _04

    Mi Lord

  • GarethBroski

    i liked the intro ngl

    • Adam

      That was cringe af

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    normal teacher:hi class The dumbass teacher: Waquan my G'ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Detri Tus
    Detri Tus

    Wagwan my ggggggs gang🖤😌

  • FAZE Nuclear
    FAZE Nuclear

    ya shout us out after 5 year i was countung

  • Itshuman Boi
    Itshuman Boi

    jj: ima lord me: and Im the GOD BITCH

  • CaRa RickNat
    CaRa RickNat

    said he was gonna change his name to "Lord JJ Olatunji" and still hasn't done it


    Lord fatneek

  • Life of a gamer gamer
    Life of a gamer gamer

    yes my lord KSI

  • lianne sells
    lianne sells

    that intro....you okay bruh?

  • Larry_ TingTsai
    Larry_ TingTsai


  • musaib billah
    musaib billah

    make a song, "I'm a lord madafaka"

  • Finlay Colmorn Tarry
    Finlay Colmorn Tarry

    nah more like lordfatneek

  • Brehm

    JJ: Call Me Lord JJ Olatunji Me: What About Lord FatNeek

  • Caio Balbino
    Caio Balbino

    The ufc fighter is basically The Reem with JJs forehead

  • Danny Bondo
    Danny Bondo

    Who else came here from Nelk premier vid and just seen LORD KSI

  • Shaefer Elliott
    Shaefer Elliott

    Spider man: I’m Peter btw Jj: lord ksi Spider man: oh we’re using our made up names

    • ex

      that shit wasn’t funny tbh

  • RedDragonE

    The intro is cringe fam

  • S⃘H⃘E⃘R⃘ 15
    S⃘H⃘E⃘R⃘ 15

    Man thought we were gonna call him JJ-Sama 😭

  • King17playz

    Who’s here after he changes his twitter to LORD KSI

  • JustXpert49

    JJ's Eggo just got as big as his forehead.

  • Player_no _trader
    Player_no _trader

    Lord fatneek

  • Jake Jensen
    Jake Jensen

    lord fat neek

  • Tadiwa Gumbaz
    Tadiwa Gumbaz

    Fun fact: if you search "wagwan my gee ksi" this will pop out

  • S3l9203mon / PS4
    S3l9203mon / PS4


  • Yariel Castro
    Yariel Castro

    All hail lord KSI👑

  • llMUBARISll

    came here for that intro lmfao

  • Carmela Vlogs
    Carmela Vlogs

    Nah man stick with your original intro

  • Melvin Ahunonu
    Melvin Ahunonu

    who's turn is it to pop he's ego??

  • Sl_dril10

    Yo what’s up it’s you boi ksi olajidebt: everybody liked that Wagwaaan my geeeeeeees : NO

  • farren mahamud
    farren mahamud


  • Clayton Montgomery
    Clayton Montgomery

    So he gets a small amount of land?

  • FlaminGO

    0:27 Valentimes day if you listen closely

  • It's maqnus
    It's maqnus

    We wanna see Neo. The amazing Neo

  • Gussill PLU
    Gussill PLU

    your lordship

  • Sidharth biju
    Sidharth biju

    3:31 any anime fans here?

  • LaHiddenGamer

    wagwan my gggggggggggggggggg

  • Dillon Paya
    Dillon Paya

    Can we just respect how mo has those small things like jj's ego that just makes us laugh

  • Kai's Music aka D34DKA1
    Kai's Music aka D34DKA1

    Kinda cringe ngl

  • Tr1luX

    Did he actually get the certificate

  • Jesus is Lord of lords
    Jesus is Lord of lords

    REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF THE LIVING TRUE GOD IS AT HAND everything happening around the world are bible end times prophasies im feeling the lord telling me to talk about the mark of the beast there is a time coming when a man is going to come offering peace amd safety when times are hard like now and he is going to make people of all races all religions all everything and anything to make people take a mark on their right hand or forheads if theres a man who is telling you that he is going tl be very powerful some will even call him god he isnt god he is a false messiah Jesus Christ is the messiah but he is going to trick allot of people into taking that mark do not take it if you take it you will into the lake of fire there is no hope for you you are going to everlasting damnation do not take it of time gets like that they will be persecuting the church killing christians chooping their heada off if you want to be saved during that time and spend eternety in heaven your going to have to be killed becasue your going to reject the mark rather die than take that mark because if you die hear for not taking it and accepting the kings the lord of lords Jesus christ your going to heaven but if you get it you will go to the lake of fire and you shall be tromented day and night forever and ever im feeling in my heart to talk about this if your reading this we are in the last days they are desensataing you to get the mark thats why the vaccine thats why the masks im not going to say you shouldnt use them thats up to you but dont accept that mark dont do it a event might of had happend we call it the rapture people all of the sudden disapered they where christians if this happens get ready you will have to reject that mark and die but what awaits you has not enter into the hearts of men or thoughts what God has prepered for those who love him we dont have to go trough that you dont either how to escape it right now accept Jesus as your lord and saviour for he is the I AM accept the lord seek him while he may be found for it is written ask and ye shall recieve pray that you maybe conted worthy to escape the wrath thats coming to this World Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand God bless you

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