JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji

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  • Ben Lawson
    Ben Lawson


  • Diego Cruz (Student)
    Diego Cruz (Student)

    Damn it’s really been a whole ass year since we all were introduced to Covid, now that’s a madness

  • Fisayo Komolafe
    Fisayo Komolafe

    Pls remember it a try not to laff vid

  • The Bajan Bones
    The Bajan Bones

    Giga juan on some trenbolony

  • Oscar Tapia
    Oscar Tapia

    Song at the end ?

  • Regin The Honey Badger
    Regin The Honey Badger

    Stop buying products that were cosmetically tested, cosmetic testing is torture for animals.

  • Regin The Honey Badger
    Regin The Honey Badger

    End factory farming

  • Shalev YT
    Shalev YT

    Pls stop w this series it’s so boring istg

  • Dieter Banaag
    Dieter Banaag

    this whole video feels like a fever dream

  • Kjinto Vanfleteren
    Kjinto Vanfleteren

    Upload alleeady

  • Gabriel Jessop
    Gabriel Jessop

    He still beat the fuck outta you,and for someone who never boxed before, he must've had you scared

  • Helmet of Hell
    Helmet of Hell

    Juan went chad mode

  • K B
    K B

    why isn't dis guy verified yet

  • XxnegmxX FF
    XxnegmxX FF

    Literally I saw a black man buying a cream to be white … bruh

  • Connor Munro
    Connor Munro

    Among us employee "this game is not pay to win guys" Watch KSI play among us KSI "only cost me 2,000"

  • Margamel

    This video actually pissed me off

  • Gassedshaggy

    Mr knowledge why do you wear a du rag when you don’t have waves

  • Dark Kingdom
    Dark Kingdom

    I'm binge watching these gta videos and I realize that JJ cant drive that well but most of the time he comes last because they always target him

  • PrivateGT-Jxure

    his hair looks like my pubes i wonder why

  • Helmet of Hell
    Helmet of Hell

    Da fuck is up with 2:06?

  • Helmet of Hell
    Helmet of Hell

    Pringle jingle fingle bingle im never eating u again

  • Yonathan Demissew
    Yonathan Demissew

    OHH JJ lmao

  • lewis reid
    lewis reid


  • Helmet of Hell
    Helmet of Hell

    Pickle instinct in gokus bizzare adventure

  • Juan Rico
    Juan Rico

    Juan edition fuck I do to you

  • ITS_Kiko _06
    ITS_Kiko _06

    These videos fele like that random shit thar i watch at 5 am

  • Ruwaid Saeed
    Ruwaid Saeed

    This video went faster than the speed of light

  • Rashon Jones
    Rashon Jones

    Lowkey still interested in what happened to the noodle

  • SSageE Mohmentum
    SSageE Mohmentum

    11:06 Yes you're good at being a snake.

  • ttv_xander 3
    ttv_xander 3

    Bro what that zebra sounded exactly like how vik would try to roast you

  • New Savage
    New Savage

    they really should add adult swim's comecials to these type of videos lol

  • DonnerK

    KSI ole jalebi tea (jalebi is a really sweet pretzel shap thingie)

  • ひ

    Ksi took an L and added the gbtq+ to it

  • kai unwin
    kai unwin

    Petition for jj to listen to the black people song

  • Lront

    Nahh the my car portion my favorite😂

  • Theglorious 9712
    Theglorious 9712

    Why is this his third most viewed video lol

  • Juvhern Caleb Villanueva
    Juvhern Caleb Villanueva

    When ksi's voice just got high pitch,its funny now

  • Danilegend9


  • Mark Xenic
    Mark Xenic

    Had to rewatch the Daniel clip to see all the reactions. (Sean's reaction was the best) Man stood up and backed all the way up to the wall. 🤣🤣🤣

  • black person
    black person

    this is why Ghanians r funnier Lmao he is a Ghanian comedian and he made pissed off JJ who is also in a bad mood laugh Lmao

  • weavingalarm481

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  • weejk20 weejordy
    weejk20 weejordy

    Who still plays fortnite i dont rlly like it no more 😞

  • erik eriksson
    erik eriksson

    Giga Juan has 5 legs

  • ConfidentX

    you look bright man in pink

  • Melda Saitama
    Melda Saitama

    It worked. Took a sec though

  • Ozzie Gerkin
    Ozzie Gerkin

    I’m not one to leave hate comments but this was kinda a weak video like I dunno I just found myself skipping through it all

  • Diamonddino5000

    I laughed at that chair so hard

  • bloop

    DDG better

  • Adam Myers
    Adam Myers

    I’m a white male,and I live in a racist area.honestly,I’m like 1000% times more scared of the old white dudes around here tbh.

  • Yazmin Quiroz Pascual
    Yazmin Quiroz Pascual


  • MortZon

    4:00 "fuck what people think" but you are gonna slap them if they make fun of you? A little inconsistent

  • Ineededaname Ok
    Ineededaname Ok

    Well that was wierd

  • A Person Who Does Person Things
    A Person Who Does Person Things

    Most of them weren’t even that good but the execution was even worse.

  • Nation Bants
    Nation Bants

    og fans watched this when it came out JK not og enough like me

  • Juan Sapien
    Juan Sapien

    This is great

  • thedivercat

    Bro I love this guy

  • Philipp Pramberger
    Philipp Pramberger

    TBT when JJ used to shave his beard

  • William Lewis
    William Lewis

    The tail is fucked because it has a rubber ring in it so that it will fall of and become smaller

  • dalpster

    neva mess wit giga juan

  • * Ebbocito
    * Ebbocito

    Aced it. Not even close

  • HeroGod

    5:15 jj they are looking like ur parents no joke 😂

  • Forgetful Snake
    Forgetful Snake

    aye binance hoddie

  • Daniel Horras
    Daniel Horras

    Petition to make him watch how to basic

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin

    U definitely know Danny Duncan stop the cap.

  • The Fat Controller
    The Fat Controller

    JJ v Giga Juan

  • P1

    Logan paul is in Wrestlemania!!!

  • rayan abujazar
    rayan abujazar

    What the video at Min 7:02 called

  • skybluepainter

    Arab scared of camel = cowboy scared of horses

  • Paulius Siniauskas
    Paulius Siniauskas

    love ksi, he's the dogs bollocks lol

  • Galaxy GamingHQ
    Galaxy GamingHQ

    We gonna skip over how gigs Juan’s schlong was schlangin?

  • Leffer suck it
    Leffer suck it

    Rip dmx

  • Foxxyz Cloth
    Foxxyz Cloth

    7:20 😭😂😂

  • babashay bratry
    babashay bratry

    @ksi react to this video lv-home.info/the/qXuQe4u9qKqfrJw/video.html

  • Noah

    Anyone else taking fat W after investing inXRP

  • Gamerlaza

    3:17 omg harassment lol

  • relatabL

    He said "dead ass mario." What the f*ck, hahahaha.

  • Bhed Ghuy
    Bhed Ghuy


  • its_flu77y

    typing this on my new 60 percent keyboard

  • Big House
    Big House

    Watching this befor bed. Can’t wait for my dreams !

  • Misha Larin
    Misha Larin

    Anyone else accidentally wakes their whole house up with KSI's laugh?